Useful Tips for Your Lingerie Wedding

Many women are interested in finding the perfect bridal lingerie. On their wedding day, all the brides want to feel beautiful inside and out. It is important that the chosen outfit is in keeping with the dress and that it fits your curves to make you feel comfortable, safe and very sexy.

For example, if the dress has a neckline, one of the bride’s favorites is a trays or strapless bra. Corsets, which are still very fashionable, are another option to consider.

For all open back dresses, lingerie firms are including models that can be fastened to the neck or lower back.

The thong and shorts are the stars of bridal lingerie. The most daring brides continue betting on the g-string, while the culotte is positioned as the favorite garment of the most romantic brides.

Silicone stockings and garters are another of the bride’s favorite pieces. The brands know this, that’s why they include beautiful garters and delicate stockings in their collections. If the dress is mermaid cut or very tight, forget the stockings or garters and bet on the pantyhose, or risk that they are marked.

As for the woven fabrics, satin, satin, satin, lace or cotton are the most commonly used, in addition to lace, this fine material that dates back to the mid-16th century and which supposedly arose in Venice. Over the years it has become an indicator of sophistication.

For the first night of marriage, you can’t miss seductive nightgowns and bed jumps. White and ivory are the preferred colors, although there are brides who prefer black, a very suggestive tone for any type of lingerie wedding.

The league is a garment that has great prominence, symbolizes fortune, abundance and prosperity. They are usually placed in the right leg at the middle of the thigh, but should be the right size. Very tight will disturb the whole ceremony and will be marked on the leg and very loose and you risk that it slips to the ground at any time.

There is a wide variety of models: vintage with lace, some elegant ones that wear satin or beaded, delicate, with pearls, maximalist ones that cover a large part of your thigh or minimalist ones that are just a thin line with some small adornment.

Another option is the mini leagues, which are a mini replica of the league to put on the wrist or finger, so you can give it to all the guests or all the bridesmaids.

Victoria Beckham already said it, to be perfect you have to start dressing inside, starting with the lingerie that in addition to beautiful, is the most appropriate with the outfit that you are going to look.

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