Sextoy for couples: Share and boost your pleasures

You are in a couple, long time or recently, and you would like to test new sex experiences by buying your first sextoy for couples? The first thing you need, is to know what you want! Is ot a sextoy to spice up your foreplays? A kind of supplement to stimulate your girlfriend, or a sextoy to be used internally to stimulate both of you together?

Depending on what you want, there are a wide range of sextoys to help you achieve great pleasures in couple!!

Sextoys to stimulate your girlfriend

sex toy for clitoris

The clitoral stimulators are the most used sextoys, which advantageously provide clitoral stimulation and penetration simultaneously. Since many women, though they feel a lot of pleasure during intercourse, only experience real orgasms by clitoral stimulation. Clitoral stimulators can be a perfect first sextoy that will complement the caress of your darling.

With Ziggy Bunny, do not settle for caresses anymore

sextoy the ziggy bunny

The Ziggy Bunny is the naughtiest of Rabbits sextoys! It will quickly become your clitoris new friend. At first glance, it appears just too cute with these little ears, but you will quickly discover that they are not there to look pretty … but to provide intense stimulation of the clitoris and allow women to learn to discover their bodies.

The great advantage of this toy, is that it can also be used in couple. First during the preliminaries where it can also be used on your man just like soft caresses on the testicles or the penis. Then during the penetration, where this toy will incredibly enhance your pleasure.

Incredible Orgasms with the stimulators by Je Joue

JeJoue vibrator

This little pebble is truly breathtaking! It is small, but it offers a large vibration area and practical grip. This toy becomes the natural extension of the hand. Its material is very soft without being slippery, no risk of escaping at the right moment. As a bonus, these vibrations are powerful enough for a very pleasing back massaging…!

You just need to turn on the sextoy, then scroll through the vibrations by increasing the power with the + and – buttons, then you can play with the different vibrating modes (fine and long – pulsed and fast – waves …) It is amazing the way such a small sextoy can provide the most intense vibrations. The pleasure is guaranteed: a breathtaking orgasm in twenty seconds! What could we expect from an elegant and delicate sextoy? If you prefer to take your time, you are free to go slowly from intensity 1 to maximum intensity…..Just let go!

Sextoys for couples …When pleasure becomes shared emotions

If you are looking for a first couple sextoy to use during sexual intercourses, several toys exist on the market. The principle of these sextoys for couples is that they have two branches, one that fits and stick to the vaginal wall, leaving room for men to penetrate, and one that comes to stimulate the clitoris. These toys are really great and strongly solicited by couples. Couple’s sextoys are perfect for those who love novelty, discover new sensations and are comfortable with their sexuality.

The Noa, a great sextoy for a shared pleasure!!

the Noa sextoy

But how does it work? First, recharge your Noa well before first use. Once done, insert the flexible arm into your girlfriend’s vagina.

Once this part is properly installed (it will naturally be placed against the vaginal wall), place the main head, beautifully named on the clitoris. All you have to do is lightly lubricate the Noa (with a water-based lubricant as always when it comes to silicone sextoys), in order to facilitate the entry of your partner penis, and finally activate on of the six vibration modes. The result is simple and amazing. The two partners are stimulated and can choose one of the vibrating mode and fly together to the seventh heaven…

Give your couple an unique experience with the Partnertoy

partnerboy sextoy

This sextoys for couple is a must have. All you have to do, is to press the control button for 2 seconds and the experiment starts! The lowest massage level is activated. Each press activates a next level … you have 10 vibration programs to choose from. This vibrator is designed for couples, and is intended for both vaginal and clitoral application during the sexual act. The part with the control button stimulates the clitoris from the outside while the other curved part of the vibrator fits into the vagina and stimulates the G-spot.

The sextoy offers the woman a simultaneous stimulation of the two erogenous zones, while the penis penetrates her vagina; the vagina being narrowed by the vibrator, the intensity of the act is reinforced for the man. You both feel at the same time the exciting effect of vibrations during your lovemaking.

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