Sex is Art and Art Loves Sex.. Art.Love.Sex sometimes link to adult sites. It is not safe for viewing at work. If you are under 18, you must leave now

Learned about us thru this interview:

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a very open minded person, especially when it comes to nudity and sexuality. So I was excited when I ran across this site that displays visually stunning erotic and nude art, photography and illustrations.

Andrew Fennell, the CEO and Creative Director of the New York based Inspired Collective (, decided to start a side project from his popular art And thus ‘Art.Love.Sex’ was born.

I contacted Andrew through Twitter and told him I was a fan of his site and would love to interview him. Andrew was gracious enough to chat with me about his website, why most Americans are uptight about sex, and why sex really does sell.

Me: I’m all for sex, nudity and erotic art! For anyone who has never heard or visited your site, how would you describe it?

Andrew: Its so funny that I had to answer this question last. I have no idea how to explain it. It all started as a social project to see if people were open to new things, such as sex influence on popular culture and art. Art is love, Love is sex, Sex is art.

Me: You showcase some amazing artwork on your site! Where do you find these artists?

Andrew: Finding the artwork is a task at times but between the connections we have made to the art world through our magazine and user submitted work, we never have a shortage.

Me: When did you became a fan of nude photography and erotic art?

Andrew: Nude photography to me is the true essence of photography. To have nothing but a human body to work with and in turn create such emotion is truly amazing. The first time I experienced that, there was no going back for me.

Me: What is your view on how Americans think of sex and nudity as opposed to other countries?

Andrew: I feel like most Americans (not all) are very close minded to new things. Mainstream media has brain washed the masses to what is deemed acceptable, but then those same religious extremist and politicians go home and watch pornos( its a billion dollar industry for a reason!). I’m not supporting mass orgies or something, I just want people to lighten up and be acceptable to new things. I feel the rest of the world is way more open to these things and you can see that in their TV programs, billboards and music.

Me: Why do you feel people should embrace this type of art?

Andrew: I’m all for doing your own thing I’m not going to force anything on anyone, if you don’t like it move on. I just dislike the fact that people close it out or label it smut before even taking a look at it. I would just want people to give it a chance first. Then we can work on embracing later it lol

Me: Answer this age old question…does sex really sell?

Andrew: YES YES YES, and the funny thing is sex sells because they made it that way. Everyone loves the unknown or the forbidden fruit. Sexing up ads makes people want to look and feel bad for looking. Everyone can feel like the rebel.

Me: Are you working on any upcoming projects?

Andrew: Well like I said before this was somewhat of a social experiment at first, but now the following behind the blog is growing and the focus is switching gears. We are going to put a lot more resources into this site to grow it. You can lookout for interviews, an ad campaign, a photography series and a possible printed book.

Me: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. Please tell my readers where else they can find you and your work.

Andrew: make sure you check out the site and email us at contact